1. Course Objective

    2. Learning Outcomes

    3. Course Contents

    1. What is planning and scheduling

    2. Clarifying the concepts

    3. Test your knowledge - Planning and scheduling

    1. Creating an Organization, Project and a Schedule

    2. How to: Create a user

    3. How to: Create an organisation

    4. How to: Creating a project

    5. How to: Creating a schedule

    6. Tactplan: Make a project

    1. Understanding Calenders

    2. How to: Add and manage calendar

    3. How to: Add holiday

    4. Tactplan: Adding calendars with holidays

    5. Test your knowledge - Calendars

    1. Welcome to Locations

    2. Split a project into locations

    3. How to: Creating locations

    4. Tactplan: Make a project with 3 levels of locations in Tactplan

    5. Planning with different location hierarchies

    6. Test your knowledge - Locations

    1. How tasks are uncovered

    2. How to: Creating tasks in Network diagram

    3. How to: Create and sort tasks in Takt time

    4. The duration of tasks

    5. How to: Change duration on specific location

    6. Test your knowledge - Tasks & durations

    7. Tactplan: Adding tasks and setting durations

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